[Webinar] Roadmap to (Re)Launching Your D365 or M365 Project

Dynamics 365 / CRM, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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No one starts their project without a plan. But most companies fail to create a plan that results in success. In fact, between 40%-70% of digital workplace projects fail 2 or more times before organizations get it right.


Initial or annual planning for projects focused on customer or employee engagement (such as Dynamics 365 CRM, SharePoint, Teams and Viva Engage) is a unique process. This session delivers an annual planning framework for moving your project forward, getting it back on track, or for starting a new project with the right foundation.



  • Understand the value of your project and articulate it to management
  • Engage your users and leadership in the planning process
  • Participate in group planning exercises that you can bring back to your team
  • Learn unique facilitation methods that streamline the planning process

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