[Webinar] It’s About Time: Better Activity Management with Dynamics 365 CE

Dynamics 365 / CRM

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Your team can accomplish anything if they use their time wisely. And Dynamics 365 CRM/CE can be an amazing time management solution for people who engage with customers every day.


Proper time management not only means better attaining organizational goals, it also means collecting the knowledge that can be used by coworkers, managers and AI solutions to accelerate the success of users and teams even more.


But most organizations are missing out. Most people have been trained to work in a reactive mode, letting circumstances steer them rather than proactively taking control.


In this session, you’ll learn…

  • Why better time management is so important
  • Options available to make time management easier for users
  • How to train your users to re-think their approach to activity management
  • Why activity management is so critical to the success of your project, your business, and your team members
  • How Viva Goals, Forecasting, Sales Accelerator, Updates and other process automation capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 can improve planning, managing and tracking activities.


Learning Objectives


  • Improve adoption, analytics and AI through better activity management
  • Learn the 4-step approach to transform CRM into a proactive planning solution
  • Configure CRM to make activity management simpler and faster

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