[Webinar] Improving User Adoption and Change Management for Microsoft 365 Deployments

Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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Get your team to not only adopt all of Microsoft 365, but to view it as an invaluable tool for leaders and users.


It’s no secret that full adoption of Microsoft 365 is a challenge.


The reality is that adoption is a complex and nuanced topic dependent on multiple factors. Whether you’re just starting a Microsoft 365 project, or you’re struggling with adoption, this workshop delivers over 26 ideas to drive up the adoption of your digital workplace.


In this interactive seminar/round table format, the audience will pick which ideas to learn more about, gain an overview of best practices, and get access to additional tools and content to dive deeper after the session.


We’ll explore new features that help with adoption (including Copilot), as well as both conventional and unconventional approaches to adoption that have proven successful.

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