[Webinar] Better Together: Dynamics 365 ERP + CE … Sittin’ in a Tree

Dynamics 365 / CRM

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ERP solutions such as Dynamics 365 BC and F&O include a range of CRM features that overlap with those found in Dynamics 365 CE/CRM. There can be a lot of confusion about which solution to use for what, if you should use your ERP solution for CRM features such as sales and customer service, and when you should make the leap to integrate CRM and ERP.


In this session, get answers to your questions about CRM and ERP, how and when they work better together, and some of the common (and costly) pitfalls that are made when you can’t see the big picture.


You’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of the differences and overlaps, a vision for when and how to bring the two together, and the pros/cons for different features that should be activated in the different solutions.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the differences and overlaps between Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions
  • Pros/Cons on what functionality should be delivered where
  • When how and why to integrate the roadmap for the solutions

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