[Webinar] Better Together: Copilot, Dynamics 365 CE, Teams and SharePoint

Dynamics 365 / CRM, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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Copilot has elevated the integration of Teams, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 CE to a new level.


In this session, you’ll learn about how these products integrate, and how Copilot uses this integration to make Sales, Customer Service and Marketing people more productive than ever.


  • Make and receive Teams calls directly within Dynamics 365 – and use Copilot as your note-taking partner to record, summarize and follow-up on calls
  • Use SharePoint to manage Dynamics 365 documents – and use Copilot to interact with and even create new documents for Dynamics 365 users
  • Unify knowledge in SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and even your public website to rapidly resolve and respond to customer issues
  • Share Dynamics 365 data with non-users to “swarm” experts together to rapidly solve customer problems and generate sales
  • Bring Teams Chat into Dynamics 365
  • Configuration options to make these features work the way your business does

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