[Webinar] Better Team Meetings with Dynamics 365 CE and Microsoft Teams

Dynamics 365 / CRM, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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If Managers are not using CRM to manage their team meetings yet, then you’re not getting nearly enough out of your Dynamics 365 CE investment.


In this session, we will explore the three stages of using CRM for meetings across your sales, service and marketing teams. You’ll learn about driving improvement through both 1-on-1 and team meetings, and how peer groups can use CRM for their own roundtable meetings.


You’ll also learn some practical tips for combining CRM dashboards, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to better engage your team in regular meetings, drive continuous improvement, and keep the entire team engaged on the bottom line.


Learning Objectives

• Boost top-line revenue by 10% by becoming a digital leader
• Create a culture of visibility, accountability and teamwork
• Give every team member a voice to drive innovation and buy-in
• Dynamics and Teams templates to aid you on your journey

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