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Do more with less by managing databases and automating simple or sophisticated business processes using Microsoft Power Apps.

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Replace manual processes or outdated legacy systems with modern applications built on Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps offers businesses a way to accelerate the development and implementation of applications across desktop and mobile devices. Power Apps can be stand-alone Canvas Power Apps, Model-Driven Power Apps, or embedded into Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. Power Apps can be developed with no code or development experience required. Low code options make it easy to expand Power Apps with just a few lines of code in key places. Pro code tools enable professional developers to remove all the boundaries and develop exactly the applications that you need to drive business success. Work with the experienced consultants at C5 Insight to quickly create and deploy applications that leverage the Power Apps framework to enhance communication processes, streamline data entry and improve workflow management. C5’s team of experts understands the technology, project management, technology governance, business processes, and your industry, so they can provide specific advice on how best to deploy Power Apps for your organization.  

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