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Microsoft Copilot Studio

Customize, create, and launch copilots designed for your company

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Deliver better experiences with custom-made copilots.

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Copilots built for you, by you

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a groundbreaking low-code tool that empowers organizations to customize, build, and launch custom copilots and GPTs designed for their unique needs. Streamline processes, boost productivity, and enhance both customer and employee experiences with the power of conversational AI.

Copilot Studio is a rebranding of Power Virtual Agents (PVA), so it includes the same capabilities as PVA, but so much more.

  • Custom Conversations: Design conversations tailored to specific business scenarios.
  • Low-Code Customization: Customize your copilot with ease using natural language or a graphical interface.
  • Automate Tasks: Automate time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more meaningful work.
  • Prebuilt Connectors: Utilize over 1,000 prebuilt connectors as plugins for easy integration.
  • Robust Design Tools: Access advanced tools for designing conversational flows.
  • Personalized Interactions: Enable personalized interactions with customers and employees.
  • Secure Governance: Ensure data privacy and compliance with robust governance tools.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights with detailed analytics on interactions and efficiency.

Contact C5 Insight to learn how we can help you customize Microsoft 365 Copilot or create standalone copilots and GPTs using the power of your data.


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