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Viva Glint

Ask for and act on employee feedback to continuously improve engagement and performance

Powered by LUCK™

Listen to the voice of your employees with Viva Glint

Real-time feedback for proactive engagement

Microsoft Viva Glint is a robust employee engagement and feedback platform designed to help businesses foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Give your employees a voice to shape their experience by asking them for feedback more than once a year. With Viva Glint, you can create short org-wide surveys on a regular basis to gain insights into your workforce and turn feedback into actions that drive business outcomes.


  • Increase Employee Engagement: Asking for and acting on employee feedback boosts employee engagement, fostering a more committed and motivated workforce.
  • Predict Opportunities and Risks: Predictive analytics help organizations foresee potential opportunities and risks, enabling proactive business strategies.
  • Turn Insights Into Action: Translate comprehensive feedback into actionable strategies, ensuring responsive and effective organizational changes.
  • Receive Faster, Focused Feedback: Gain timely and targeted feedback, streamlining the process of understanding and responding to current employee needs.

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