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Viva Amplify

Streamline and centralize organizational communications

Powered by LUCK™

Improve organization-wide communications with Viva Amplify

Amplify your organization’s internal communications

Microsoft Viva Amplify is an innovative employee communication management tool within the Microsoft 365 suite. It’s designed to streamline internal communications, so your messages are received efficiently and effectively across the organization.


  • Centralized Communication: Simplifies the process of crafting and distributing messages.
  • Multichannel Publishing: Distributes messages across various platforms.
  • Campaign Management: Organizes and manages communication campaigns.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers insights into the effectiveness of communications.

Create campaigns, inform employees, and analyze engagement to improve your next message.

Ready to transform your company’s internal communication with Microsoft Viva Amplify? Contact C5 Insight today to learn more about how we can amplify internal communication by implementing this tool in your organization.


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