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D365 Field Service

Reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction and move from reactive to proactive field service.

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Transform field service operations into a proactive revenue engine.
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Integrated Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 Field Service tighten the integration between customer service, scheduling, service reps, internet of things (IoT) devices and customers.

Field Service operations has traditionally been a reactive service offering. A customer makes a service call, a technician is scheduled and dispatched, repairs are made and billed. But scheduling, purchase orders and service orders, and follow-up invoicing have often made this a costly and frustrating experience for customers, service technicians and business leaders.

Dynamics 365 Field Service transforms the experience. Service agreements can be aligned by customer for proactive and preventative maintenance. Service tickets can still be triggered by customer request (across multiple channels) but also through AI monitor8ing of internet-of-things (IoT) devices to proactively service equipment prior to failure. Service scheduling options range from simple to sophisticated AI-based scheduling. Service techs communicate status directly in a mobile app, can trigger purchase orders, and get final sign-off from customers. And that’s just a sample of the capabilities.

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