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Table Images for Model-Driven PowerApps

Dynamics 365 / CRM

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Do you want to enrich your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Model-Driven Power Apps with custom table images?

Many Power App tables use the default puzzle-piece icon that appears less professional and difficult to distinguish from other apps.

If you want icons that are clear, fresh, and engaging, I have great news. Read on to discover a free source of icons you can access in just a few minutes to deliver more professional app design to your users!

Icons and images for PowerApp Tables

Start with PowerPoint

Microsoft provides an extensive library of icons with PowerPoint. Start there to find the right icon.

In PowerPoint, create a blank presentation with a blank slide.

Now go to the Insert menu and select Icons.

PowerPoint Icons as Power App Table Images

Search the library for the icon of your choice and add it to your blank slide.

Crop Your Power App Table Image

The icons often have extra space around the actual picture. Use the crop tool in PowerPoint so the icon is not overpowered by excess white space.

Tip: Zoom in on the image so you can be precise in your cropping.

Click the image, then click the Graphics Format menu header, and select Crop.

Remove as much of the white space as possible. Try to have 1 pixel between the cropping and the icon.

In the nearby image you can see the external square was the original white space, and the internal square is how much I cropped out.

PowerApp Table images - free

Save As SVG for Power App Image

Right click on the image and select Save As Picture.

Be sure to use the SVG file type (that’s what Power Apps likes).

Add it to Your Model-Driven Power App Table

Open the solution where you created your custom table.

Navigate to the table.

Click Settings. Then click Advanced Options.

Click on the + New mage web resource and follow the prompts to add your image.

Publish your solution and review your new icon!

Dynamics 365 custom table image icon

Dynamics 365 or Model-Driven Power App

Remember that this works with either Model-Driven Power Apps or with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps. 

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