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SFDC Flows! APEX coding without the APEX! (PART 1)

Today I want to welcome you to the world of Flows. We will break this down into a couple different blogs since this is a large topic to cover in one day. However, I first want to introduce you to them and explain how they can assist you in your SFDC organization.

Flows were designed by SFDC to help you create a more complex workflow without having to know or understand APEX. APEX can be very hard to jump into if you are a non-developer, so this is a great alternative for the everyday admin of SFDC. Basically, flows does exactly what it sounds like. It is a guided user experience based upon a set of steps and questions you predefine in your flow. For my example, I set up a flow that will guide a receptionist or a Tier 1 support user through a set of questions that will automatically create a case, activity and update my account with a last contacted date. The goal for setting up this flow is not only creating a better experience for the user to create a Support Case for your customer, but also creating a process in which your users will not miss any details when creating a support case. This also helps to save time for your users with their everyday duties.


Trouble connecting to CRM 2011 from Scribe Insight

Scribe recently released their adapter for CRM 2011. I was very excited when I saw this release and wanted to test it out ASAP. After downloading and installing the adapter I ran into a few snags on the connection. The issues I ran into were my fault so I thought I would pass my lessons learned out to you. My issues revolved around connections to CRM 4 On-Line and CRM 2011 On-Line and what should be supplied for the “Organization” connection parameter.

For CRM 4 you need to supply the “Unique Organization Name” to find this in CRM 4 On-Line you will need to browse to: "Settings > Customization > Developer Resources.” Once in the Developer Resources area you will see the Unique Organization Name.


For CRM 2011 you need to supply the “Friendly Organization Name.” To find this name all you have to do is login to your CRM 2011 Org and look in the top menu bar on the right hand side. The name will be listed directly under your user name. Make sure you include any spaces or punctuation.


I hope this helps you out when making your CRM connections! Good luck with your DTS creations!

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