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Addressing Failure to Accelerate Success

It’s true – we talk about failure. A LOT. That’s because according to more than a decade of research conducted by industry analysts from Gartner to Nucleus, failure continues to cost companies time, resources, and customers. Here’s a dirty little secret: it has almost nothing to do with the technology solution. Another secret: companies fail at almost the same rate on their second or third attempt as they do on their first. Definitions of failure vary between organizations, but ultimately boil down to lack of adoption and little or no business value. Ready to right your struggling ship?

Your organization’s leadership team may qualify for a complimentary Executive Briefing delivered by our team of experts. In 90 minutes, learn what activities and behaviors to avoid in order to protect your time and investment. Make the most of every connection and build a stronger foundation for elevated employee efficiency, increased value for your customers, and improved profitability for your business. Click here to request a briefing today.

The executive briefing that C5 Insight delivered helped us better understand the path to success and balance expectations. Sharing their real-world experiences with collaboration and SharePoint initiatives, they painted a clear picture of what is causing failures and how re-thinking the problem can lead to long-term success. In the end, it was helpful in our decision-making and planning process.

Stephen Montague, Vice President Sales and Marketing — Midrex Technologies

I attended C5 Insight's Executive Briefing at the Inc 5000 event - it was a breath of fresh air. The briefing delivered exactly the insights I needed to decide that our business was not yet ready for this kind of project, and without a sales pitch. Every CEO considering CRM, or recovering from a failed CRM project, should skip the software demo and get the CRM executive briefing.

Charles Murray, CEO — PPi Technologies Group