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In Business, Time is Currency

Congratulations! You’ve made a software selection decision, so perhaps you think the hard part is behind you. Sadly, the 60% of organizations whose SharePoint and/or CRM initiatives have failed may beg to differ. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Don’t get us wrong, C5 Insight is passionate about the software that Microsoft and Salesforce both create. And C5 maintains certifications and strong relationships with both companies. But we’re not just here to provide licenses - our goal is to be your most trusted business partner, and to deliver successful projects related to these solutions. The resources on this page are the result of years of research and yes, even failure. Because we’re serious about failure – how to avoid it, and how to recover from it.

C5 Insight tailored the activities and methods used to gain key knowledge of our company's infrastructure and business use of SharePoint during the LUCK Roadmap and LUCKstorming, to obtain an accurate multi-level snap shot.

Joel Lueck — KapStone Paper & Packaging Corporation

I was jokingly telling our folks that I felt as if I had been through either an interview or an interrogation session, but please take that as a compliment! It speaks highly of a core competency your team possesses. Thoroughness, efficiency and honesty are extremely valuable to us, myself especially.

Shawn Proffitt — City of Charlotte