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Microsoft Copilot for Sales COACHING

Supercharge your sales team with Microsoft Copilot for Sales: the AI assistant in Microsoft 365.

Learn how to put AI to work so that you can sell smarter.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead means leveraging the latest AI technology. Microsoft Copilot for Sales combines the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 with role-specific insights designed for sellers. With Copilot for Sales, sales teams can be more efficient and spend less time on mundane tasks and more time closing deals. With C5 Insight as your guide, you can realize what’s possible with this innovative tool.


Whether you’re a sales manager who wants to boost your team’s performance or a sales rep looking to sharpen your pitch and process, our short, insightful sessions are crafted just for you.


From mastering time-saving tricks in Outlook to leveraging AI-generated sales tips before, during, and after Microsoft Teams calls, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Copilot for Sales.


Our bite-sized demos are designed for rapid skill-building and instill confidence in reps using Microsoft Copilot for Sales, followed by Q&A time with a Copilot Champion from Microsoft.

Personalize your sales process without sacrificing your time with Microsoft Copilot for Sales.

Revolutionize your sales strategy by learning how to leverage Microsoft Copilot for Sales with C5 Insight coaching you.

  • Save Time with Email: Learn how to quickly review your inbox with AI support, draft professional emails, and add Contacts to your CRM.
  • Prepare for Meetings: Quickly find past meeting notes, relevant email conversations, and related content in Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and the internet.
  • In-call Insights: Let Copilot take notes for you, prompt you with good questions to ask during meetings, summarize key points, and schedule follow-ups.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Copilot can analyze communications to gauge sentiment, helping you tailor future interactions for better engagement.
  • Internal and External Collaboration: Create account teams and deal rooms through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Create Proposals and Presentations: Accelerate the creation of key documents in Word and PowerPoint to keep your pipeline moving forward.
  • Sales Intelligence: Understand prospects, customers, and opportunities by using Copilot in Dynamics 365, Teams Chat, Excel for list hygiene, and more.
  • Administration and Sales Operations: Access special content that will aid with the setup, configuration, and Copilot Studio scenarios.

Microsoft Copilot for Sales Coaching with C5 Insight

These training sessions are more than just a learning opportunity—they’re an investment in your company’s future success. Our 45-minute training sessions are brief with limited Q&A, while 75-minutes allow us to dive deeper into the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Sales, offer hands-on support, and facilitate ask-me-anything sessions.

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