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How to Use Copilot as Your R&D Assistant

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In our sixth Copilot for Sales Bootcamp, we focus on using Copilot as your research and development assistant throughout the sales process.

This blog summarizes the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared. You can watch the full-length bootcamp here: Sales Intelligence: Copilot as Your R&D Assistant.

Catching Up Using Copilot 

Whether you’re preparing for a meeting with a customer or you’ve been out of the office and missed communications, Copilot can catch you up.

This demo shows how Copilot generates summarized lists of messages and document references from emails, chats, posts, and files, briefing you on missed activities and newly assigned opportunities in Dynamics 365 Sales.


Gaining Insights from Existing Content

Next, we explore how Copilot can provide valuable insights from your data in Word and Excel. These capabilities, while not specific to sales, significantly enhance the sales process when used effectively. 

Summarize a Word Doc

Here, we see how Copilot aids in researching prospects by summarizing lengthy Word documents and PDFs. Copilot will answer specific questions about the content, helping you prepare for meetings in less time.


Research List of New Prospects in Excel

This demo illustrates how Copilot in Excel can analyze a list of prospects from a trade show to identify target markets and filter prospects based on specific criteria. Copilot breaks down data by state and industry, helping you focus on high-potential prospects.


Analyze Historical Sales Data from CRM in Excel

In this demo, Copilot analyzes opportunity data by breaking down won versus lost opportunities, providing revenue details, and generating additional insights. These insights will help you understand performance trends and identify areas for improvement. 


This bootcamp demonstrated how Copilot acts as a valuable assistant throughout the sales process. From catching up on missed sales activity to evaluating the success of past efforts, Copilot provides comprehensive support at every stage.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs we answered during our roundtable discussion at the end of this bootcamp.

Interested in leveraging Copilot for Sales at your organization? Learn more about C5 Insight’s Copilot for Sales Coaching Services, which will help you accelerate business results with AI.

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