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How to Prepare for Meetings in Minutes Using Copilot for Sales

Dynamics 365 / CRM, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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In our second Copilot for Sales Bootcamp, we demo various capabilities of Copilot for Sales that will help sellers better prepare for meetings.

70% of salespeople aren’t fully prepared for meetings as they jump from one call to the next. Copilot for Sales addresses this challenge by expediting the process, helping sellers prepare in a fraction of the time it would take them to do so alone.

This blog summarizes the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared throughout. You can watch the full-length bootcamp here: Preparing for Meetings with Copilot for Sales.

Track Emails and Add Contacts

Meetings often start with emails, and Copilot for Sales gets involved at this level.

In this demo video, we see how Copilot for Sales in Outlook helps sellers track emails and create new Contacts within Dynamics 365. When receiving an email from a new contact, Copilot for Sales can extract information from the sender’s signature line to populate the Contact record. Sellers can then track the email in CRM and attach it to the opportunity. This process sets the stage for effective meeting preparation.

By saving meetings to the CRM via Copilot, you ensure that all relevant data is available for preparation. This information becomes fuel for Copilot, helping you make the most of your meeting prep.

Send Meeting Invitations and Create Agenda

This demo shows how to use the “Reply with Meeting” feature in Outlook to schedule a meeting and add it to the CRM. Copilot helps identify participants, track the meeting in the CRM, and update opportunity records. It also assists in creating meeting agendas, ensuring that all necessary information is included without manual effort.

Prepare for Meetings Using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales

Preparing for meetings involves more than just creating an agenda. It requires thorough research on the customer, opportunity, and contacts involved. Copilot within Dynamics 365 Sales can streamline this research process.

This demo illustrates how Copilot generates summaries of opportunities and suggests prompts to prepare for meetings. It provides updates on the latest changes, public news about the customer, and relevant product information. This comprehensive preparation ensures that you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

Prepare for Meetings Using Copilot in Microsoft Teams

Teams is another powerful tool for meeting preparation, providing access to a wealth of information from various sources.

This demo shows how Copilot in Teams pulls information from the web, internal documents, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365 to provide a complete picture of the customer and meeting context. This integration helps you understand the stakeholders and the latest developments, ensuring you are fully prepared.

Prepare for Meetings Using Copilot in Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word’s integration with Copilot and other Microsoft 365 applications allows for the creation of detailed meeting documents.

This demo shows how to use Copilot in Word Online to prepare for a meeting by pulling information from CRM records and other documents. This capability enables you to create a comprehensive document that can be shared with your team, ensuring everyone is aligned and ready for the meeting.

By combining the capabilities of Copilot for Sales across Outlook, Dynamics 365, Teams, and Word, sellers can develop a thorough and efficient meeting preparation process.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs on Meeting Preparation we discussed during our roundtable discussion.

Interested in leveraging Copilot for Sales at your organization? Explore C5 Insight’s Copilot for Sales Coaching Services, helping you sell smarter.

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