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How to Improve Email Efficiency Using Copilot for Sales in Outlook

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In our first Copilot for Sales Bootcamp, we discuss key capabilities within Copilot for Sales that will significantly reduce the time spent in your inbox. We focus on three essential functions: drafting emails, summarizing email threads, and email coaching.

This blog summarizes the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared throughout. You can watch the full-length bootcamp here: Improving Email Efficiency with Copilot for Sales.

Drafting Emails

First, we look at how Copilot assists in drafting emails by leveraging CRM data to enhance content. This integration allows sales professionals to draft emails that include relevant contacts, opportunities, and additional information, all pulled directly from their CRM system.

The demo video demonstrates the process of finding Copilot for Sales in Outlook, pulling CRM records into emails, and automatically integrating contact and opportunity information into the drafts. This seamless integration ensures that users do not need to juggle multiple windows and applications, thus streamlining their workflow.

Copilot offers various customization options within the email drafting process. Users can adjust the tone and length of the email based on the context, making it formal or casual as needed. These options allow for greater flexibility and ensure that the emails are tailored to the specific audience and purpose.

By integrating CRM data directly into Outlook using Copilot for Sales, users can draft informed and effective emails without switching between different applications.

Summarizing Email Threads

Next, we explore how Copilot for Sales can generate automatic summaries of long email threads. Email summarization is particularly useful for sales professionals who need to stay updated on multiple email threads and respond promptly.

In this demo video, we show how Copilot summarizes conversations at the top of email threads, highlighting key people, topics, and providing citations within the email. This feature allows users to quickly understand the context and important points of lengthy email threads without missing crucial details.

Additionally, Copilot for Sales integrates sales-specific insights for a more detailed summary. It highlights specific items related to the sales process, such as tasks, deadlines, and key discussion points. This integration ensures that all relevant information is captured and accessible for further action.

Email Coaching

Finally, we discuss how Copilot for Sales provides feedback and suggestions to improve email communication through email coaching. This feature helps users refine their messaging to ensure clarity, appropriate tone, and effectiveness.

The demo video demonstrates how Copilot for Sales analyzes email drafts and provides recommendations to enhance the message. While Copilot offers suggestions, users maintain full control over their responses. Every step is intentional, with users reviewing and approving changes before finalizing the email. This ensures that the communication remains authentic and tailored to the client’s needs and the user’s voice.

By providing actionable feedback, Copilot for Sales helps sellers write emails that are clear, impactful, and aligned with their communication objectives.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs on Email Efficiency we answered during our roundtable discussion.

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