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How to Facilitate Meetings and Follow Up Using Copilot for Sales

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In part three of our eight-part series on Copilot for Sales, we share tips and tricks sellers can use to facilitate and follow up on meetings.

This blog will summarize the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared. You can watch the full-length bootcamp on YouTube here: Facilitating Meetings & Following Up.

Note-Taking During Meetings

One of the primary challenges during meetings is taking notes. It can be time-consuming and distracting and often leads to missing parts of the conversation. Copilot addresses this by stepping in as your trusty note-taking assistant.

In this demo, we see how Copilot captures notes and action items throughout the call. When you start a meeting, turn on transcription (if the feature is enabled by your Admin) by clicking the Copilot button. This feature informs all participants that transcription is active, recording the entire discussion and allowing you to focus on the conversation without missing any details.

In-Meeting Assistance

Copilot can also serve as a resource during Microsoft Teams meetings. It allows you to ask questions privately, helping you stay engaged without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

In this demo, we observe how Copilot assists you during a meeting. If you need to catch up on the conversation or understand who the participants are, you can ask Copilot for a summary. This feature is particularly useful if you miss part of the discussion because you’re multi-tasking or need clarity on specific points, but don’t want to interrupt.

Summarizing Customer Needs

After the meeting, you can ask Copilot direct questions to ensure you have a solid understanding of what should be top of mind after the meeting ends.

This brief demo shows how Copilot can summarize the key needs of the customer without manually reviewing the entire transcript.

Detailed Meeting Recap

By clicking the “View recap” button in Microsoft Teams under the meeting recording, you can continue to engage with Copilot to review and analyze the discussion. This feature, known as conversation intelligence, also includes sentiment analysis and action items you can add to CRM with Copilot for Sales.

In this demo, we take a guided tour of the recap with Copilot feature in Teams. You’ll find the meeting recording, speaker timestamps, highlighted topics, AI-generated notes, and auto-generated follow-up tasks. This comprehensive overview allows you to strategically plan your next steps and ensures you don’t miss any key aspects of the discussion.

Coming Soon: Follow Meeting

A new feature is in preview (as of May 2024) called “Follow Meeting.” This feature prompts the Organizer to record the meeting if you can’t attend, ensuring that you receive a full transcript and summary for review later.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs we answered during our roundtable discussion at the end of this bootcamp.

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