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How to Create Internal and External Collaboration Spaces Using Copilot for Sales

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In this fourth installment of our eight-part series on Copilot for Sales, we discuss features that enable sellers to collaborate internally and externally to streamline the sales process.

This blog summarizes the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared throughout. You can watch the full-length bootcamp on YouTube here: Collaborating Internally and Externally.

Setting Up Account Teams

First, we explore account teams. These teams in Copilot for Sales automatically generate collaboration spaces in Microsoft Teams, facilitating seamless internal and external communication.

In this demo, you’ll learn how to set up a Microsoft Teams account team while in Outlook using Copilot for Sales. Account teams centralize chat, shared files, and communication, reducing reliance on long email threads and ensuring that both internal and external stakeholders have access to the right information.

Creating Deal Rooms

Next, we move to deal rooms, which focus on specific opportunities and offer a more targeted collaboration space within Teams.

In this demo, see how to set up deal rooms from Outlook using Copilot for Sales. Deal rooms enhance the sales process by providing structured folders, notes, and CRM records, centralizing all important documents and communications related to a specific deal.

Extend Collaboration Throughout M365 and D365 Apps

Copilot for Sales extends collaboration features across various Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 applications. These features enhance email, chat, and post collaborations, making it easier for team members to stay informed and collaborate effectively.

This demo shows how users can search for and share CRM records within Outlook and Teams chats using Copilot for Sales.

By tracking Teams meetings to CRM records, users can access and modify records on the fly, add tasks, review activities, and navigate other records.

Leveraging Copilot for Sales across your Microsoft applications enhances collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and streamlines the sales process. These tools reduce the time spent juggling multiple applications, allowing sellers to focus on closing deals with greater efficiency.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs we answered during our roundtable discussion at the end of this bootcamp.

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