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How to Bulk Edit a SharePoint List

Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams

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You have a SharePoint list with hundreds of items in it, now you need to edit one column for the entire list. Your toolbar once had an option for edit, which in the SharePoint list means “bulk edit.” 

Now, the only item on your toolbar is “+ new task.”

Step-By-Step: How to Bulk Edit SharePoint Lists

Ever heard of “Tabular View”?  Maybe you have seen this option when setting up different list views in the view settings: 

SharePoint Tabular View

The Tabular View option controls the ability to bulk edit. 

The Tabular View option is not universal for all of your views, but only for the view where it is selected. For example, you may have the following views:

  • All Tasks
  • Summary
  • Completed
  • Late Tasks
  • My Tasks
  • Pending
  • Upcoming

If you have the Tabular View checked for the “Upcoming” view, but not on the “Summary” view you will be able to bulk edit the “Upcoming” view, but not the “Summary” view. 

Additionally, the Tabular View does not impact the Calendar and Gantt Chart views since those views are controlled by the list views. You do not the ability to bulk edit those particular views.

How Do I Know Tabular View Is Selected?

At a glance, here’s how to determine if the Tabular View is selected, you will see a checkbox column as your first column and the edit option is available.

When Tabular View Selected: Checkbox Column Available 

Notice below that a checkbox column has been added. Also, notice that you have the option to “edit this list.”

When Tabular View NOT Selected: No Checkbox Column

Notice below that the checkbox column is no longer available and you no longer have the option to edit. You only have the option to add a new task.

make a new task in SharePoint lists

Verify View Settings

If you are still unsure if the Tabular View is checked, navigate to the view settings.

  1. While on your view, click the ellipses or the 3 dots (…).
  2. Select “Modify this View.”

  3. Navigate to the bottom of the view settings.
  4. You should see “Tabular View.”
  5. If you would like to have the bulk edit option, make sure it is checked.

What Does The List Look Like In Edit Mode?

When edit is selected, your list will look very similar to an Excel document. You will be able to move from cell to cell by clicking tab or directly inside different cells. Your toolbar will only have one option while in edit mode, “Stop editing this list”. 

Notice how the list changed to be similar to an Excel document and is a similar concept for navigating, copy paste, and drag options within a column. Once you are finished with the bulk edit, make sure to click “Stop editing this list” to save your work.

SharePoint Power User Insights

If you were convinced that Microsoft removed your ability to bulk edit, now you know Microsoft gives you the ability to have a choice based on the view. Share this tip with other SharePoint Power Users. 

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