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How to Administer Copilot for Sales and Use Copilot Studio to Build a Custom Copilot

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In this final session of our eight-part series on Copilot for Sales, we explore custom use cases for Copilot Studio and configuring and enabling Copilot in your organization.

This blog summarizes the full-length bootcamp, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared throughout. You can watch the full-length bootcamp here: Administering Copilot for Sales and Building Custom Copilots.

Copilot for Sales Licensing Overview

Enabling Copilot for Sales

Properly enabling Copilot for Sales across various platforms ensures seamless functionality. This involves turning on Copilot in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and confirming it in the Teams Admin Center and Outlook.

This video demonstrates how to enable Copilot for Sales, showcasing the before and after scenarios to highlight the efficiency gains.

Configuring Copilot for Sales

While Copilot for Sales offers powerful out-of-the-box features, configuring these features to align with your specific business needs can significantly enhance their effectiveness.

Enable Lead Creation

This demo shows how to enable lead creation in Copilot for Sales, ensuring all necessary information is captured accurately.

Customize Record Summaries

Learn how to customize the record summaries generated by Copilot for Sales to include specific fields relevant to your business.

Analytics and Measuring Success

Beyond utilizing AI features, analyzing their impact is essential for understanding ROI. Using Power BI and the Copilot for Sales Conversation Intelligence Dashboard, you can gain valuable insights into your sales data.

Analyzing with Power BI

This demo illustrates how to use Power BI to analyze data from Copilot for Sales, helping you make informed decisions.

Customizing Your Own Copilot Using Copilot Studio

For businesses with unique needs, Copilot Studio allows you to build custom AI assistants with varying levels of coding required.

Create a Bot within Dynamics 365 Sales

A quick overview of how to configure a custom Copilot within Dynamics 365 Sales.

Here are four scenarios showcasing different customization levels when building your own Copilot:

1. Surfacing Sales Collateral

A sales rep asks a custom Copilot for collateral, which generates links to relevant documents stored in SharePoint and on the company website. This setup in Copilot Studio is achieved by pointing Copilot to the necessary data sources and enabling conversational boosting to ensure the assistant is informative and engaging.

2. Answering When Resources Will Be Available

A sales rep queries a custom Copilot about the availability of a resource for a particular project type. This Copilot, using a conversational plugin, pulls data from the project management system to provide availability dates and any relevant details, such as upcoming travel or time off.

3. Managing Travel Requests

A sales rep requests approval for a customer visit through a custom Copilot. The request is processed through a Power Automate flow, and the manager receives an approval notification in Teams. Once approved, the sales rep is notified, and the travel request details are updated in the system.

4. Pro-Code Custom Copilot

This demo shows how a Pro-Code Copilot add-in is created and installed. It demonstrates the setup in Teams and Outlook, allowing the Copilot to access and interact with specific data sets, providing tailored responses and functionalities beyond standard configurations.

Today’s session covered enabling, configuring, and analyzing Copilot for Sales, as well as customizing your own AI assistants using Copilot Studio. Whether you’re using no-code, low-code, or pro-code solutions, there are ample opportunities to tailor Copilot to your business needs.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs we answered during our roundtable discussion at the end of this bootcamp.

Interested in leveraging Copilot for Sales at your organization? Learn more about C5 Insight’s Copilot for Sales Coaching Services, which will help you accelerate business results with AI.

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