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How to Accelerate Your Sales Cadence with Copilot for Sales

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In this Copilot for Sales bootcamp, we demonstrate how Copilot for Sales can help sellers establish and maintain a regular sales cadence.

A sales cadence involves reflecting on the past week, planning for the upcoming week, and executing tasks in real-time. This method ensures you are proactive, organized, and continuously improving your sales strategy.

This blog summarizes the webinar, breaking it down into the individual demo videos we shared throughout. You can watch the full-length bootcamp here: Accelerating Your Weekly, Daily, and Real-Time Sales Cadence.

Weekly Cadence Planning

Start by using Teams updates to remind yourself of your weekly cadence. This includes tracking your meetings in Copilot, both past and upcoming, and ensuring all activities are well-documented.

Track Meetings Post Invitation

This demo shows how to track a meeting using Copilot for Sales after the invitation has already been sent without sending another invitation to attendees.

Meeting Summary: Notes, Action Items, and Follow-Up Activity

Here, we see how to use Copilot for Sales to familiarize yourself with past meetings, copy notes, and create tasks to follow up.

Daily Cadence Preparation

Use Copilot for Sales to prepare for your sales meetings each morning. Review your calendar, ensure all meetings are tracked, and turn on meeting recordings and transcriptions ahead of time.

Prepare for Daily Meetings

This demo illustrates how Copilot helps you get ready for upcoming meetings by providing quick updates and relevant information.

Record Meetings Automatically

Learn how to set up automatic recording and transcription for your meetings, ensuring all interactions are documented.

Real-Time Execution

During meetings, use Copilot for Sales to support you with real-time information and prompts. This includes asking Copilot for Sales about meeting participants, important sales questions, and generating summaries on the fly.

In-Meeting Support

This demo shows how Copilot for Sales can assist during meetings by providing real-time information and suggested questions to engage better.

Email a Meeting Summary

Learn how Copilot for Sales can help draft emails summarizing recent meetings.

Looking ahead, Copilot will soon offer more advanced capabilities, such as proactively suggesting tasks and contacts to engage with each week. This will further enhance your sales cadence and streamline your workflow.

Today’s session highlighted how to implement a successful sales cadence with Copilot for Sales. By integrating weekly, daily, and real-time cadences, you can ensure a proactive and efficient sales process. Copilot helps streamline your workflow, making it easier to stay organized and focused on your sales goals.

Read the Copilot for Sales FAQs we answered during our roundtable discussion at the end of this bootcamp.

Interested in leveraging Copilot for Sales at your organization? Learn more about C5 Insight’s Copilot for Sales Coaching Services, which will help you accelerate business results with AI.

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