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Corporate Intranets

Build a new intranet, or modernize your outdated SharePoint intranet with C5 Insight.

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Leverage our innovative approach to intranets
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Create a Modern Collaborative Intranet

An intranet is a private network within an organization, meant to facilitate communication and collaboration among its employees. Intranets are critical for larger enterprises, geographically distributed organizations, or companies with a large remote workforce. They unify communications across all workers – from executives, to corporate teams, to deskless workers.

From enhanced file sharing capabilities to virtual conferencing tools, intranets offer businesses a way to break down the barriers of distance while still allowing maximum security and control. Moreover, they enable organizations to create bespoke solutions that tailor to their individual needs, empowering them with data-driven decision-making capabilities like never before.

C5 Insight’s intranet expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

Our innovative approach to intranets enables businesses to move from outdated legacy intranets to robust, modern solutions that bring the user experience in line with today’s technical expectations.

C5 Insight meets with each customer to understand their needs and create strategies for success, providing ongoing support throughout the process. This adaptable, consultative approach ensures businesses get the most out of their intranet from day one, leading to maximum ROI and improved collaboration between employees.

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