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Digital employee engagement is an innovative way of keeping employees connected to their work goals and objectives. It is a modern business strategy which helps to foster cooperation, motivation, satisfaction, loyalty and productivity while addressing any areas that could lead to communication problems. Microsoft’s digital employee engagement platform includes SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Viva Engage, Viva Goals, Viva Insights and more. Digital engagement can provide better insights into why people are carrying out their tasks as well as which channels are most effective for targeting different groups of people and can enable leaders to recognize the factors influencing job performance and team dynamics. Organizations benefit from increased interactive goal-setting with their teams, more efficient communication of corporate initiatives, improved access to employees’ performance data and the ability to capture feedback quickly. C5 Insight is the industry leader in digital employee engagement. Our team consists of experts who understand the complexities of this space, and have years of experience helping our customers efficiently increase employee productivity while creating solid communication and feedback systems.  

With C5 Insight, your company can move past outdated tools and step into the modern age of digital employee engagement with ease. Our methods are designed to support any type of budget – from limited resources to large-scale operations – with options for customizing that perfectly fit your individual needs.

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