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Customer Experience Planning

C5 Insight is a leading provider of customer experience planning services, helping businesses to better understand and meet the needs of their customers. Our team of experts uses a variety of tools and techniques to gather insights about customer preferences, behaviors, and pain points, and then uses this information to develop strategies for improving the customer journey.

One key aspect of our customer experience planning process is the use of customer journey mapping. This involves creating a visual representation of the various touchpoints that a customer has with a company, from initial awareness of the brand to post-purchase evaluation. By identifying and analyzing these touchpoints, we can identify opportunities for improvement and develop strategies to enhance the customer experience at each stage of the journey.

In addition to customer journey mapping, we also use a variety of other tools and techniques to gather customer insights, including focus groups, surveys, and usability testing. By gathering this data from a diverse group of customers, we can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their needs and preferences, and use this information to inform our customer experience planning efforts.


Whether you are looking to improve the customer experience at your brick and mortar store or your e-commerce website, C5 Insight has the expertise to help you succeed.

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