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“Dynamics 365 – Custom” App Button: To Hide or Show?

Dynamics 365 / CRM

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This short blog entry will hopefully help clear up a simple yet odd situation that arose recently on one of our projects.

A customer is in the process of moving from their legacy CRM on-premise environment to Dynamics 365 in the cloud. When the new environment was provisioned, the admin user made sure to navigate to the app named “Dynamics 365 — custom” to turn off access for users.

To do so, they clicked the ellipses (noted in red in the screenshot above) to expose the options for this environment. Here is where some confusion amongst the team crept in…

The option stated “SHOW FOR ALL ROLES”, as illustrated below.

There was some debate amongst the team about what this setting was actually saying.

Some believed that setting the “SHOW FOR ALL ROLES” represented the current setting – thus, users COULD see this app. Others, however, stated that this was likely not the case, and that it was suggesting it should be clicked in order to display the app to users. Said another way, this group believed the current setting was that this app could not be seen by users.

Given the divide, we had to investigate further to confirm. To do so, we navigated into the classic settings interface.

We navigated into the Administration section.

Then clicked the System Settings area.

Note the notice at the top of the page regarding the move of the web client Security Settings area to the Power Platform Admin Center.

Clicking System Settings opens a new window and we scrolled down to find the Show legacy Dynamics 365 – custom app setting.

The test took us but a couple of minutes. Here we’ll explain the results to avoid any confusion in your organization:

  • When the setting in the app switcher reads SHOW FOR ALL ROLES, the Show legacy Dynamics 365 – custom app setting is set to NO.
  • When the setting in the app switcher reads HIDE FOR ALL ROLES, the Show legacy Dynamics 365 – custom app setting is set to YES.




Truthfully, I’m still not sure I understand it, but at least I have this blog entry to refer back to if I ever question it again!

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