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You see it in our values and in our Powered by LUCK™ methodology. Although we are passionate about technology, we are people-first to our core. We invest a tremendous amount of time into listening to our customers, understanding their needs, connecting them to the...


Our team includes authors, MBAs and other experienced business professionals. This puts us deeply in touch with what a business team needs in order to be successful. We're constantly finding new ways to add to the value of a project, produce a positive ROI, and aid...


Our clients tell us that their previous partners often did exactly what they told them to do - only to later realize that it was the wrong thing to do. Our consultants are known for politely pushing back when the specific requests made by clients may result in a poor...


Every implementation partner has technology experts. C5's team has deep technology expertise in a narrow niche of Microsoft solutions that have been developed to create better customer and employee engagement.



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Process: The Science of Selling

Sales representatives possess a unique combination of people skills, product knowledge, and persuasive abilities that allow them to connect with prospects, understand their needs, and close deals. However, while these skills are essential for success in sales, getting...

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Interested in how we can improve your customer and employee engagement?
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