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CRM in the C-Suite: The Role of Leadership in Customer Engagement Success

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The CRM struggle is real. According to this article in Harvard Business Review, between 18% and 90% of CRM projects fail! The most telling metric: nearly 90% of executives report that the CRM system is not helping their business to grow.

Engaging the c-suite (or being an engaged member of the c-suite) can be a balancing act. Too much pressure on one end of the scale or the other can have a negative influence on the project outcome. 

2 Tips for Executives When It Comes to CRM Projects

Influence CRM, Don’t Control

If you sit in an executive position, or you’re trying to engage at the right level with someone who does, here’s what I have experienced in over 20 years of CRM consultation that brings positive balance to the executive role.

Early in my career, I used to view it as a positive when a c-level executive was deeply involved in the leadership of a CRM project. Over time, I have come to learn that this is actually a red flag. On the other hand, checked-out executives are also a red flag.

Executives should influence at a high level. This means more than just approving the budget, but less than getting into tactical decisions about CRM processes and configuration.

Executives who listen to their teams priorities and align those to business needs while allowing the front-line managers and users to make most decisions (the “boots on the ground” who see the situation more closely) and allow the experts (CRM consultants and technologists) to recommend best approaches, are much more successful in delivering CRM projects that result in measurable business growth.

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2. Lead With CRM

Perhaps more importantly than influencing the CRM implementation, effective executives view CRM as a way to lead the business, not just a solution they hope reps will adopt.

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When executives become users of the CRM solution, not only does it influence the business outcomes that CRM was designed for – it also sends a clear message to the troops. This has a more powerful impact on adoption than even the managers of the CRM users have.

The C-Suite and CRM: Learn More

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