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Creating a Dynamics 365 CRM Annual Plan

Customer Engagement, Dynamics 365 / CRM

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It’s a fact – 47% of CRM projects fail 2 or more times before organizations get it right. One of the most critical reasons: not understanding the unique planning process. This session will dive into what should be included in your CRM roadmap, how to build it, getting the team engaged, building your business case, measuring the ROI, benchmarking user satisfaction, and constantly improving. You’ll take away a framework for planning to launch or improve your CRM project, and a process for keeping up the momentum.

Key Takeaways:

• Clearly understanding the value of a CRM project and articulate it to management

• Creating the CRM annual plan

• Strategies for engaging your users and leadership in the planning process

• Why supporting your CRM project can sometimes conflict with your project plan – and how to do both at once

• Participate in group planning exercises that you can bring back to your team​

Creating a Dynamics 365 CRM Annual Plan

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