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Our Values

They show in our numbers. They show in our references.

Powered by LUCK™. . .  this is how we do what we do, but it is also a part of our values.

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SOLVE: C5 Insight’s Core Values

Since our founding in 2002, our core values have remained consistent. Although we have a passion for technology, we have built a people-first, business-savvy, results-driven organization by sticking to our values.

SOLVE is our vision for how we treat our clients, each other, and C5 Insight.


A deliberate focus on balancing the roles of leadership and service.

Objective Advisors

Relentless honesty and integrity; giving clients the best possible advice for their long-term success.


Constantly refining our expertise in people, business and technology.

Value Creators

Every interaction and project is focused on making a positive and measurable impact for our clients and C5.


Impeccable quality from proposal to project to support – every time.

Do Values Matter?

We get it. Everyone talks about values, but values don’t matter until you can see them lived out – they don’t matter until we’re engaged in a project together and you can see them in action. Here are a few ways to you can see our values in action before we’re working on a project together.


  • Our Website, Demos and Discovery.

    We try to live out these values in every interaction – even here on our website. Check out the resources we provide, schedule a discovery session, or participate in a demo. You’ll begin to experience the C5 difference before you ever sign an agreement.

  • Our Clients.

    You’ll hear these values echoed again-and-again when you talk to our references.

  • Our Culture.

    Our people care about our clients and the results of the projects that they deliver. Everyone at C5 is constantly on a quest to influence our clients for the long-term good of their projects, processes and bottom-line.

  • Our Numbers.

    Perhaps most importantly, check out our numbers. We’re within budget more often, with revenues coming mostly from repeat clients, and with a tremendous number of business recognition awards.