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Powered by LUCK™

Powered by LUCK™

C5 Insight’s People-Centric Methodology for Doing Everything Better . . . Powered by LUCK™

Powered by LUCK™

You may have noticed it on our home page or in our mission statement.

Powered by LUCK™

C5 Insight accelerates business results through people-centric digital transformation.

Powered by LUCK™ is how we do what we do at C5 Insight. It’s the process behind every one of our processes. And it’s the process behind every human relationship – customer and employee engagement projects enable organizations to be Powered by LUCK™ at scale.

Powered by LUCK means we take the time to Listen, Understand, Connect, and Know.

It means we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions to complex business challenges.

It means we don’t ask, “how can we sell what the client is buying?”

We instead ask, “What are the client’s goals, what do they need to achieve them, and how do we guide and convince them to take the right actions to achieve them?”


Our processes

Here are some of the processes that C5 Insight has developed that use the Powered by LUCK methodology.

(We love to talk about them – so please ask!)


  • Project Management
  • Technology Adoption Strategy
  • CRM Best Practices
  • Intranet Best Practices
  • LUCK Roadmaps – Assessment and planning methodology
  • LUCKstorming™ – Our Workshop Facilitation Approach
  • LUCKscore™ – Customer-Facing KPIs and Engagement
  • Normative LUCK Gap and Culture Insights™ – Benchmarking Surveys
  • Revenue Engineering – Sales Process Design Methodology
  • Activity Management – Engaging Customer-Facing Teams in Proactive Activity Management and Measurement
  • Persona Definitions
  • Journey Mapping
  • SQAGs™ – Small Quickly Attainable Goals
  • Center of Excellence and Cultural Change Framework
  • Leadership Development