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Powered by LUCK™

LUCK for Project Management

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Powered by LUCK™

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Don’t Rely on “luck” for Project Management

When it comes to project delivery, too many companies rely on luck to manage their project. That’s why so many projects fail. In our over 20 years in business, C5 Insight’s team of Project Managers have evolved a proven approach for project management that combines our unique Powered by LUCK™ approach with a modified agile project management process. This enables C5 to understand and execute on customer needs and deliver results that are on-strategy, on-budget and that get adopted by users. Every project includes a client and project portal to share documents, make decisions and track weekly progress reports and budget charts.


Listen is our process for gathering data from the client in the form of workshops, surveys, interviews, ride-alongs and other approaches for gathering knowledge about the situation. It includes our unique LUCKstorming™ workshop facilitation process, and surveys that include our Persona Gap Finder™ and Good LUCK Culture Insight™ adoption drivers.


Understand how our team comes together to analyze and validate the data, architect solutions, and partner with our clients to consult and creatively push back to ensure we agree on the best approach for their business.


Connect is the implementation process and not only includes getting the technical work done, but extends to a project management cadence and planning for effective user communications, learning and adoption.


Regularly scheduled meetings, user acceptance testing, reports published to the client SharePoint portal and lessons learned meetings ensure that we know the project is meeting expectations, and opportunities for improvement are identified.

The LUCK process gets used multiple times throughout the project lifecycle – from multi-year roadmap planning, to projects, sprints, and even support requests. The C5 team has applied and refined it hundreds of times, and it continues to evolve and improve.

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