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C5 Insight is proud to present several Academy Classes at Community Summit North America (NA) 2024 that will provide more interactive learning opportunities to grow your professional skills and knowledge.

The Community Summit Academy program offers condensed masterclasses in Microsoft business applications that precede Community Summit NA. These full-day classroom training sessions are led by industry experts and earn attendees CPE credits that fulfill continuing education.

You can register for Academy classes alongside your Community Summit registration for an additional fee.



CE/CRM/Copilot: 365 Leadership Day

Speakers: Geoff Ables, Tricia Desso-Cox

Program Level: Leaders

If you’re a business leader who missed our exclusive 365 Leadership Summit in Denver, CO, we encourage you to sign up for this Academy at Summit class. You’ll gain valuable insights into leadership methodologies and practices that enhance strategic planning and maximize your investments in Dynamics 365 across Sales, Service, Marketing, and other CRM applications.

Our CE/CRM/Copilot: 365 Leadership Day will help you manage successful Dynamics 365 CE/CRM projects, fostering organizational change, accelerating customer acquisition, prolonging customer retention, and amplifying the results of your customer engagement endeavors.

This strategic Academy class is split into five parts:

  1. Get Customers Faster and Keep Customers Longer with Copilot
  2. 7 Habits of AI Transformation Success
  3. We’ve Got to Start Meeting Like This: Improve Every Meeting with D365, M365 and Copilot
  4. Engage, Educate, Empower: Creating a Center of Excellence
  5. Revenue Engineering: A Non-Technical Workshop on Creating a CRM-Ready Sales Process

Learning Objectives

  • CRM in the AI Age
  • Strategies for planning and successful adoption
  • Lasting change to maximize your investment




Elevate Your Enterprise: Workflow Wizardry with Microsoft 365

Speakers: Malcolm McAuley, Jordan Loeffler

Program Level: Beginner

Microsoft 365 isn’t an app – it’s a toolbox. And most organizations aren’t leveraging all that it has to offer, letting its potential sit on the table. In this session, you will learn to unlock the power of Microsoft 365, from diving deeper into familiar apps to discovering hidden gems. By the end of the day, you’ll realize multiple new ways to accelerate your work flow every day.

Learning Objectives

  • Build a modern digital workplace
  • Discover the myriad of apps that exist in the M365 space and how to best leverage them
  • Discover the potential of the automation tools




AI at Work: Real-World Applications of Copilot and Other Microsoft AI Offerings

Speakers: Geoff Ables, Jordan Loeffler, Emily Boiteau

Program Level: Beginner

AI has moved beyond the hype stage and is transforming the way we work. With its now proven ability to boost productivity, enhance creativity, and improve quality, businesses and individuals alike are embracing this technology. But it is evolving so rapidly that it can be challenging to stay up to date on how it can be further leveraged in your business.

Microsoft is continuously expanding the capabilities of its Copilot offerings and other AI solutions. From the time this description was written, to the time you attend this Academy at Summit class, there will likely be many new developments and feature updates. Join us to understand the full scope of AI, discover the latest advancements in Microsoft’s AI technology, and learn how you can harness its power to drive your success.

This session is non-technical and is meant for users, power users and leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a clear, non-technical overview of AI, its various types, and how each are being used in business and daily life.
  • Meet the Copilots: Our session will focus most heavily on the Copilot capabilities released by Microsoft.
  • Helpful case studies related to AI, BI and Automation




Learning Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys and Data

Speakers: Haley Ward, Malcolm McAuley

Program Level: Beginner

The “new and improved” Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which includes both Journeys (Microsoft’s marketing solution) and Data (Microsoft’s customer data platform) has been a challenging toolkit for some organizations to adopt. For those who are considering, new to, or struggling with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, this Academy class will provide hands-on learning, walking you through everything you need to know about it.

We will start with, and focus most heavily on, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys, which replaced Dynamics 365 Marketing. The last portion of the session will focus on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Data.

Learning Objectives

  • Set up D365 Customer Insights – Journeys
  • A day in the life of the marketing team using D365 Customer Journeys
    • Real Time vs. Outbound
    • Segmentation
    • Email Design
    • Leads vs. Contacts
    • Journeys
    • Forms/Pages
    • Event Mgmt.
  • D365 Customer Insights – Data’s relationship to that 360-degree view of a customer we’re all striving for



In addition to these Academy at Summit classes, C5 Insight is delivering 10+ sessions at Community Summit North America 2024 that you don’t want to miss. 

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