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MS CRM 4.0 Picklist Changes Not Saving (and on purpose)

In MS CRM 4.0 any field changes made that are enabled will be save.  Lets say on the Account form you have a picklist that will display the following in an IFrame. Map to Account Address Accounts Web-page Primary Contact Information Page to ERP showing Credit Stats. When you change the CRM picklist controlling the IFrame CRM will change to IsDirty (asking you to save or not on exit).  You really probably don't want to allow of force the user to save every time they lo ...

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Filebrowser 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Back in 2007 I developed a solution to show Windows Explorer directories and folders inside an iframe on a CRM form. I blogged about it for the Microsoft CRM Team blog on MSDN. Filebrowser allows users to directly access files and folders in a shared directory from within CRM records. The files and folders are stored on a UNC share on your server, so they’re also accessible to non-CRM users. In addition, Filebrowser incorporated some client-side script to create and display context-sensitive fol ...

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Avoid them, void them or destroy them - Integration Nightmares?

Integrating your data across applications can be a challenge, particularly when crossing organizational and application boundaries.  A lot of the control that IT organizations take for granted is lost when going outside of the organization.  Below, I will outline a number of challenges you're likely to encounter in an integration effort and provide some guidenace to help you work through them. In a recent project, the biggest issue I faced was integrating Sales ...

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Need Help Using Microsoft CRM?

Did your company just recently start using Microsoft CRM?  Is your boss hounding you everyday to enter your activities, leads, contacts, etc...  Did you attend training only to feel lost when you logged in to actually use it? 

You may just need something to reference for the basics in Microsoft CRM... There are several "How-To's" covered on our Microsoft CRM Fundamentals tip sheet.

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Queues Not Receiving Emails

We use queues in Microsoft CRM 4.0 to receive email for various sales and customer service functions. I recently set up a new queue and, when I tested it, I found that it was not receiving email at all. This led me to test our other queues, and, much to my chagrin, I realized they were not receiving email either!   As it turns out, there were two things that threw a wrench in our queues. Each of them alone would have caused the queues to break. 1) We recently set up a new SSL certificate f ...

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Review: AddressGrabber and Card Scan for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Users of CRM tools are consistently asking for the same thing: “Make me more efficient in managing my sales, marketing or customer service responsibilities.” Tools like card scanners, than can quickly scan a business card into CRM, or “parsers” that can grab a name and address from an email or website and instantly transfer it into CRM are great examples of efficiency boosting applications.

But do they live up to their promise?


I recently purchased two tools to take care of these tasks. Let’s walk through each of them in turn.

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Integration and Outbound Messaging

Outbound Messaging in is an incredibly powerful feature for doing integration, but it does have a few drawbacks.  Before I get into the negative points, I want to point out some of the good. The outbout messaging feature has two capabilities which are extremely important for integrating with other systems.  First, it insure messages get sent immediately after the workflow fires, and second, it insures delivery of your message. However, during ...

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MS CRM 4.0 Rename or Remove Left Nav Bar Menu Items.

     In MS CRM 4.0 have you ever wanted to rename or remove Left Nav links on an entity only to find the OnLoad script fails when trying to use the preview function on the form designer?  In many CRM installs companies prefer to not use the Microsoft CRM product catalog so that Write-In Products is really the list of products (on a Quote for example) and Existing Products never has anything listed under it.  Thus they would prefer to eliminate the Existing Products link ...

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Setting Read Only Colors with JavaScript

Using JavaScript/Jscript to dynamically set a field to disabled or read only can come in handy.  But when you make this change, the colors of the field don't match the standard read only field colors that CRM sets when you manually set the read only attribute.  This post describes how to set a field to read only in javascript AND make the colors consistent with other read only fields on your forms.

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CRM 5 Preview

Simon Hutson has a great blog post where he's compiled a lot of the publicly available information about what Microsoft is cooking up for the next version of CRM, creatively code-named "CRM 5." Lots of exciting stuff for us CRM geeks!

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MS CRM 4.0 How to Hide System Views

In MSCRM 3.0 to hide system view just took a simple trick to the system.  In MSCRM 4.0 Microsoft removed the work around now not letting you get rid of unused or unwanted system views.  Doing some searches I found 2 different System View Hiding Plugins but I did not Like having to recompile or edit XML outside of CRM to get rid of the View. 

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"But I Didn't Track That Email!"

You might come across some emails in Outlook that are being tracked, but you never tracked them going out, and they don’t have a tracking token (if your CRM instance is set up to use a tracking token). Is CRM randomly tracking emails it thinks are important? Of course not, CRM is actually behaving, as you, or someone else, has told it to behave. I emphasize “someone else”, as most likely you copied your outbound email to another CRM user in your company that has their Email settings set to Track ...

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Are you using Email to Salesforce?

I recently did an informal poll of a handful of users and realized that NONE of them were even aware of Email to Salesforce. Trust me ... it's something worth knowing about and, most likely, something you'll want to think about implementing in your organization. After enabling Email to Salesforce, you can add a Salesforce-provided email address to the bcc line of any email you send and the email will appear in the activity history related list of the correct lead or contact in Sal ...

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Modifying a Completed Task Using Workflow

It is true, a completed task cannot be modified with workflow. For some custom billing functionality, we needed to modify an attribute on a task, after it had been completed. Although I knew workflow could not modify it, I thought I had read where a plug in can handle this with no problem. Well, no, a plug in cannot modify a completed task either. What were we to do?      A coworker, who can’t stand to be told “it cannot be done”, found a solution for us… usin ...

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Quoting and CRM

We've had to do research into quoting tools for a number of clients and prospects recently.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a single site that has done a good job of listing out the options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 when it comes to tools that assist with quoting, bundling, kitting and/or configurating.  Here are some quick results from our research that I hope you will find helpful.

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Changing a document title

At times it is helpful to change the document title of a form. In case you aren't familiar with the term, the document title refers to the text that appears at the top of the tab or window (depending on your Internet Explorer preferences) of a form in MS CRM.

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CRM Solution Accelerators Coming Soon

At the Worldwide Partner Conference (WWPC) in Houston last week, Microsoft announced the rollout of a bunch of Solution Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  These will be great tools to significantly improve CRM functionality. Best of all, the accelerators are "free" (see caveaut below).

(read the entire posting for more information)

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Test CRM as a Different User

There are times where it is helpful to test your CRM changes logged in as a different user.   This will allow you to see everything that this user would experience. Of course you can physically log on to the users machine, but a better way is to run a simple batch script that will start the CRM web client and prompt you for the users password. The contents of the .bat script would look like: runas /user:LITWAREINC\PaulW "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore  http://moss ...

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Getting Started with Summer '08 ... Cross-Object Formulas

Check out your new orange creamsicle logo in Salesforce! I'll highlight some of the updates in the Summer '08 release in the next few blog entries. One of the highest impact features is the ability to create Cross-Object Formulas - meaning you can use parent record fields on a child record. FINALLY! Prior to this release, various workarounds had to be used ... such as creating workflow to copy a value over, embedding an s-control, etc. Now cross-object formulas will solve the prob ...

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Add a "Copy Address to Clipboard" Button to Your Contact Form

When working with Contact records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you might find it frustrating if someone asks you to send them the address of a particular contact. You either have to re-type it or copy it line by line. To save yourself the headache, use the ISVConfig customizations in CRM 3.0 or CRM 4.0 to add a button to the Contact form that lets you copy the address to the clipboard. The example in this entry illustrates how to do this for the Contact.

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How Many Duplicate Records Do You Have?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has built-in duplicate detection which is great, but in 3.0, which many businesses are still using, the only options for duplicate detection were some third-party applications or a a custom-developed one like the minimally functional example in the 3.0 SDK. BEST PRACTICES NOTE: Duplicate detection should be only one of the tools in you data quality arsenal. The best approach is  to have some solid practices that govern data entry, ...

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XRM and CRM 2.0

Traditional CRM needs to evolve to keep pace with customers who are accustomed to two-sided relationships, a la Web 2.0 social media/communities.

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Summer '08 is around the corner

Thanks to gokubi (a really great blog that I read often - it's written by a CRM consultant for non-profits, but has tons of good info for any user), I just found out that the Summer '08 landing page and release notes are live! Multiday calendar events, inline editing on list views, filtered lookups, and lead conversion improvements are just a few of the many highlights. More info to come ...

Upgrading CRM 3.0 SBE to CRM 4.0 Professional - Part II: The Outlook Client

I posted previously about my experiences upgrading CRM 3.0 SBE (the Small Business Server edition) to CRM 4.0 Professional. One major area I wanted to address also was the upgrade of the Outlook client. We've dealt with a lot of upgrades of the laptop, or offline, client, and run into some issues. Basically, you want to uninstall the 3.0 client and then do a clean install of the 4.0 client. Of course, you need to be logged in as the user who will be using Outlook/CRM, and have local admin right ...

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Upgrading CRM 3.0 SBE to CRM 4.0 Professional

I recently performed my first upgrade of CRM 3.0 SBE (on Small Business Server 2003 R2) to CRM 4.0 Professional. Here are some important considerations if you are planning for your own upgrade

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