When working on something new in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, from here on out known as Dynamics 365, I always recommend not cowboying it (doing updates in production without considering the ramification that could be caused by your actions). Much better to use your test instance or if you don’t have one, spin up a demo organization. So when we wanted to test the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, I wanted to test it in our test instance, C5Test. Testing went great in C5Test but then trying to get back to our production instance was… a challenge. Please know the words “a challenge” are positive spin words for what it was. I was calling that app words I only use for stubbed toes and video games! But as is often the case, the challenges teach us more than the happy flow as a friend used to say.

After everything was good to go with our production instance upgrade to v9, I went into it to reconnect my mailbox from C5Test. I went through the Test and Enable mailbox steps, being sure to check the switch it to sync with this organization checkbox, got the email saying I was synced with the organization and assumed I was good to go. But then when I went into Outlook I got an error message when trying to track an email. So I went into Dynamics 365 to check the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook subarea and saw I was getting an error there as well.

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Issue when adding to Outlook when reviewing in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook subarea


Below are the steps I took to fix this error. Please note, this list is pretty clean but getting to it was messy, so here you go!

  • Within Outlook, navigate to File-> click the Manage Add-ins button at the bottom, the one that has Manage and acquire Web Add-ins


  • Now in Outlook on the web, uncheck Dynamics 365


  • On the right under the gear->Settings->Click Manage Add-insOutlookwebManageSettings


  • Click My Add-ins and among other things you will see Dynamics 365, you may have to scroll down to see it


  • Click the ellipses, then View Details and notice the address, if you see the instance you are testing against, which I what I saw, and not the production address, click the Remove button


  • Back in Dynamics 365, navigate to Settings->Email Configuration->click the user to be associated with the production instance
  • Click the Test and Enable Mailbox button in the form ribbon
  • In the window that pops check the sync box


  • Once it is finished syncing, go back into Dynamics 365->Settings->Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
  • If you see the error again, do not panic, click the user and click Add App to Outlook
  • You should first see Pending then finally Added to Outlook


The final test is going into Outlook and attempting to track an email. If all is good and you are able to connect to Dynamics 365 without getting an error you have successfully re-attached to your production org.

Having other Outlook issues? Having trouble digesting the differences between the various clients, apps, etc.? Reach out to C5 Insight for help sorting through it all!