C5 Insight will be presenting 4 strategic CRM sessions at CRMUG Summit's pre-conference academy.  Topics will including planning, roadmaps, process design, journey mapping and user adoption.  These sessions are designed for sales/marketing/service leaders, project managers, and administrators.  

And here are two special offers to: (1) get the C5 Insight Lead Conversion Solution add-on for free, and (2) a half-day of Dynamics 365 training or consultation for free when you attend one or more of these sessions.

Special Offers

Get the Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion Solution for Free

All attendees to any of the 4 sessions will receive a free copy of C5 Insight's Lead Conversion Solution that makes it easy to convert leads without creating an opportunity (click here to read more about the Lead Conversion Solution).

Get a Half-Day of CRM Consulting for Free

Attend all four of the strategic CRM sessions described below, and receive a half-day consultation session on your CRM project.  Consultation can focus on planning, adoption, customization, development or custom training for your team.

D365/CRMUG Summit Academy Sessions

You can attend all four sessions offered by C5 Insight, or pick and choose which sessions are right for your stage of the CRM journey.

CRM Planning Workbooks and Worksheets

  • Workshop: Creating a CRM Roadmap - Planning for Success - Getting (Re)Started with D365 CE - all about creating a roadmap, project plans, getting the team engaged, building your business case, measuring the ROI, benchmarking user satisfaction, and constantly improving. You'll take away a workbook with a framework for planning to launch or improve your CRM project.

  • Workshop: Customer Personas and Journey Maps - Getting (Re)Started with D365 CE - in this session we will help you to define customer (and CRM user) personas, develop journey maps, identify opportunities to improve the experience, an innovative thinking for tying together your sales, marketing and customer care processes. You'll take away a workbook and worksheets with a practical approach for developing your own personas and journey maps.

  • Workshop: Designing Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Processes - Getting (Re)Started with D365 CE - this is a return of our highly rated sales process design session that can be applied to designing any process in CRM. Attendees learn why sales process is important, the different types of processes, why the out-of-the-box opportunity process isn't always a good fit, steps for engaging the team in developing a process, and how your processes should evolve over time. You'll take away a workbook with an initial process design, and a set of worksheet templates for taking your process from first steps to sophisticated.

  • Workshop: CRM Adoption Strategies - Getting (Re)Started with D365 CE - over 80% of organizations struggle with adoption and user satisfaction at some point in their CRM journey. This session walks through dozens of approaches to adoption to have proven successful in different corporate cultures. You'll walk away with a workbook full of ideas and practical steps to take to get your users, leaders and managers to learn to love CRM and show a proven ROI.

Registering for CRM Academy Workshops

To register for these sessions:

  1. Click here to register for CRMUG Summit 2018 if you haven’t already
  2. When you register, be sure to select the optional Pre-Conference Academy
  3. On the registration page, Click on Edit Registration (right side of screen).
  4. When you see your registration, click Edit.
  5. On the next screen, click Add Activities.
  6. Check the box next to the class title you're interested in.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the process of adding this class to your registration.


Hope to see you there!

And feel free to ping me with any questions about the content of these sessions, or to ask about other CRM workshop options if you'd like.