Omni-Channels Customer Experiences Create Big Data

Most businesses have begun to recognize the importance of engaging across multiple channels.  And most are beginning to realize the next challenge that this will present: even more data.  This is both an opportunity and a threat.  In Accenture's study, "Big Success with Big Data," 89% of business leaders affirmed that they believe big data will revolutionize operations in the same way that the Internet has.

But most organizations developing omni-channel strategies are failing to produce the expected return on big data, and are alienating employees and customers in the process.  The heart of the problem was communicated by an employee participating in a recent focus group when she said, "A few years ago we were told that the organization was investing in new technology that would enable us to work smarter.  But the new technology is only forcing us to work harder."

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Big Data


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