Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why do I have to go to school?

A study by The Telegraph shows that 4 year old girls ask an incredible 390 questions per day!  It’s how they make sense of their world and expand their knowledge base. Children are naturally curious. Somehow, as we grow older and theoretically wiser, we become less curious. And in the workplace, where one might think that “why” is a critical question, we’re often too inhibited to ask.  But to get your CRM solution adopted, it may actually help to be a little more like a 4 year old!

Best-selling author Simon Sinek pulls no punches when he elaborates on the importance of “why” in the workplace. Indeed, he explains, successful companies “start with why.” That’s because it’s not enough to understand what you do and how you do it. Everyone in your organization needs to understand why you do it.  (Click here for the YouTube video)

Start With Why To Improve CRM Adoption

Before you start evaluating CRM systems, before you choose and implement it, ask this question:

Why has your company decided to implement a CRM system?

The premise is simple. If you can’t answer this question, how can you inspire your team to jump on board with you?

Why would your team show any enthusiasm for the project if they don’t know its purpose? They probably know, at least rudimentarily, what CRM is and how it works. What they really need to know is...

Why you’re imposing this on them.

I don’t use the word impose lightly, but that’s what it feels like when you don’t understand why you’re being asked to do something. 

So let’s explore that...

Customer Experience Starts with Why


Why CRM?

Candidly, users don’t care about the benefits CRM systems offer to management, so let’s leave those kinds of reasons out.

There’s an old saying about the top 3 reasons that retail businesses succeed: Location, location, location. In the case of CRM, the top 3 reasons to embark on an implementation are: Customer experience, customer experience, customer experience. (This used to be called “customer satisfaction,” but “customer experience” is the trendier term.) Indeed, a superior experience is what customers demand. Poor customer service is the fastest way to lose business and even to go out of business, in which case you’d be out of a job. Perhaps that’s a selfish reason for adopting CRM, but it’s pretty compelling.

The statistics don’t lie

  • 71% of polled consumers said they would refer a company after a positive customer service experience
  • 65% of polled consumers said that they've completely stopped using a product or service after only one instance of bad customer service
  • The average rate of return for every $1 spent on customer relationship management programs is $5.60

The Internet is flooded with customer reviews on products and services. Not just reviews on restaurants and hotels, but on everything imaginable – from doctors and dentists to yo-yos and silly putty; from car services to funeral services. Mark my words: your business is being scrutinized. And the best way to avoid the disastrous impact of a negative customer review is to implement a CRM solution and make sure that your entire organization adopts it.

Starting and Ending CRM with Why

The C5 Insight team is a huge fan of the Start With Why concept. That’s why we’ve developed a “Why Sheet.” It’s an exercise in getting to the heart of your why. Whether you’re poised to implement a CRM system or a Microsoft SharePoint solution, completing this exercise will incrementally increase user adoption. Download our Why Sheet now to begin the process.

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