Qualifying a lead is a process. Is there a fit? Are the parties ready? These are two dimensions that have to be evaluated on both sides, for the group that wants to buy and the group that wants to sell.

Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, also known as Dynamics CRM, has its out of the box lead qualification process assume that a qualified lead is a ready lead, however this is not always the case. Never has this been brought more into focus for me than with a lovely group of people out of California that have one team that qualifies the leads and another team that evaluates if there is an opportunity. Enter the Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion Solution, the tool that allows you to determine at qualification time if you want to create a side of opportunity with your account and contact main course. Let me walk you through their process and how our solution is giving them options.  



Microsoft has recently made updates that bring lead conversion without opportunity creation back into the product. If you are using Dynamics 365 for Sales Online, or a recent version of on-premise, you no longer need this solution. Check out this document for more info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/sales-enterprise/define-lead-qualification-experience


The Current Process

Working in the alcoholic beverage industry, this group knows its target audience: businesses that sell alcoholic beverages. So once a quarter they download a list from the abc.gov website and use that to focus their lead prospecting efforts. Originally this process was managed primarily in Excel spreadsheets that required deduping, massaging, dividing and sharing of various Excel spreadsheet versions.   

The New Process

Now they are transitioning to managing that process in Dynamics 365. First the leads are imported into the leads entity in CRM. This allows them to use the out of the box duplication rules to de-duplicate the leads on import, eliminating a long list of leads previously imported, before they even get into the database. Next these leads are reviewed by the inside sales team to determine fitness based on a variety of criteria. Since many of those data points are stored in CRM, the team and management can easily see where a lead is in the qualification process as well as who is working on it. Plus if it is disqualified those reasons are stored in the database as well in case further evaluation is needed.   

Enter the C5 Lead Conversion Solution


Once the inside sales team is ready to qualify the lead, they note which outside sales team member will be the account owner and click the Qualify button. Since the Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion solution is in place all the inside sales person has to do is uncheck the Opportunity box and click the Continue button. The lead is qualified, an account and contact are created and an opportunity is not.   

The outside sales person assigned to the prospect is notified by email they have a new prospect. The same workflow that sent this notification email also creates a task assigned to this new owner, due a week later, as a gentle reminder to follow up on their new prospect.  

You may be asking yourself, why not just manage it in the background if their process is to not create an opportunity. Well, that is a great question. The main reason is other teams within their business are interested in the ability to create the opportunity at the same time. That part of their business only wants qualified leads where there is business so the team that determines fit is also the team that determines readiness. The C5 Lead Conversion solution gives you those kinds of options.   

Other feature requests that are being considered for addition to the Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion Solution include the ability to:  

  1. Not create a contact. Qualifying a business for fit does not always mean there is someone known at the business. However the Last name field on the full name of the individual on a lead is required. Plus the individual's name is the primary field used on leads.  
  2. Determine based on lead fields if the default for opportunity creation is checked or not checked. Sounds like a little thing, unchecking or checking a box but if you are doing that 10-32 times a day it adds up.  

If you are interested in seeing the Dynamics 365 Lead Conversion Solution in action, check out the video below to see how it works. Or if you are interested in downloading it, check the resources page on our website.