Although it has been around for many years now, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what Enterprise Social is all about.  Leaders don't know if it is a valuable business tool, or something that might waste a lot of time.  So today, let's take a closer look at Enterprise Social Networking.

What is Enterprise Social Networking? 

SharePoint Yammer Teams Groups and other Enterprise Social Tools

Enterprise Social Networking is the use of software to connect people working together towards a common business goal. People and teams connected in one digital location even if they work in different physical locations.


Enterprise Social Networking connects People to Purpose.  Employees have access to knowledge and resources:

  • People
  • Conversations
  • Documents
  • Files


Social Networking becomes part of the daily workflow making it easier to:

  • Collect feedback
  • Generate ideas
  • Collect approval
  • Coordinate tasks


Social Media vs. Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise Social Networking incorporates social software in a business context. It provides a way for people to connect with groups giving them a way to collaborate around a common business interest. 


Yammer vs Facebook


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are types of 2-way communication social media. Companies use social media to establish a presence and gain a following with those that are outside of your company.