SharePoint has a variety of methods for communicating a message depending on the kind of message are you trying to communicate.

Here are a few questions that may help determine the best method to use.

  1. What are you trying to communicate and what response are you looking for?
  2. Is your message for informational purposes where responses are not needed?
  3. Are you looking for comments and "likes"?
  4. Do you want collaboration?


Web Part Explanations

SharePoint Announcements - What they are and when to use them


Used to push a message to the users. Responses from users are not expected.


Example:  All time-sheets MUST be entered by end of business today!

Example:  Open Enrollment will end November 30. Make sure to submit all documentation to HR before end of business on November 30.

Example:  Cupcakes are on sale in the employee lounge to benefit Cancer Awareness.


SharePoint Discussion Boards


Discussion Board

An easy method to collaborate.  Used to deliver ideas, new policy proposals, ask a question or present a suggestion.  When you post a topic, users can comment, users can reply to each other's comments, users can ask questions or "like" the post.


Example: When speaking to customers about our new service offerings, what do customers like the most?

Example:  In your opinion, what would be the best experience for Employee Appreciation Day?

Example:  A new project will begin in 2-weeks to improve the customer experience while engaging on Live Chat. Please submit names for the project.



An easy way to publish topics and allow users to comment or "like" a post. Blogs provide easy functionality to add media to the body of the message. Blogs provide much more polished look and feel. 


Blogging in SharePoint



Title: Don't Gain, Just Maintain

Body:  With the holidays upon us don't get stressed about losing weight.  Instead, focus on maintaining your healthy weight.  In this article you will find ten tips for maintaining your healthy holiday weight. 



3 Quick Questions for Determining Best Options For Your Message

1. Do I want a polished look and feel?

2. Do I want comments and "likes"?

3. Do I want users to collaborate?


Web Part









No Response





Responses Expected

Discussion Board




Responses Expected



Enterprise Social and Office 365: Beyond SharePoint

Social options such as Yammer, Teams, Groups and even Skype offer other ways to communicate and collaborate. 

How are you using the communication options in SharePoint or other digital workplace tools?