Has this ever happened to you?  You are minding your own business when you need to remote to your SharePoint server desktop to fix the User Profile Service (who hasn’t?).  You open Central Administration and go to the UPA and to your horror you can’t edit the profiles!

Quick Fix When You Can’t Edit SharePoint User Profile Properties

Even profile properties are messed up!

Can't edit SharePoint user profile properties

Let me guess, yes you have UAC turned off, the SharePoint sites are all in your local intranet security zone in IE, and you launched Central Admin with Run as Administrator, no help.  What the heck is going on? 

This is likely an issue with your browser, specifically the compatibility settings.  I’ve seen this happen with older IE versions like 8-10, but in this case it was with IE11 as well.  Regardless, the fix is to add the Central Admin URL to the compatibility view settings:

  1. Click the IE Gear
  2. Click Compatibility View settings
  3. Click Add then close

Now things look correct!  Let’s check, yep we can edit user profiles:

Editing user profiles working properly

And we can edit user profile properties!

Editing user profile properties working properly

I haven’t had to do this for any other clients before to fix Central Admin, but I have seen issues with weird behavior for the front end web applications. 

If you are using a custom master page, you might want to check the following tag:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10" />

Hopefully this saves someone a little frustration!  Please contact us if you have any questions!