Microsoft has been making significant updates to CRM since CRM 2011.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 U1 includes hundreds of changes, small and large.  In fact Microsoft has almost completely reinvented CRM over the last 5 years since CRM 2011. Yet many organizations are still using CRM 2011.

This 4-minute video provides an overview of some of the most fundamental upgrades that have been made since CRM 2011.

Highlights from the video include:

  • The new and simplified user interface – less clicking, more getting work done
  • Insights from InsideView – enrich CRM with outside data about prospects, news and key contacts
  • Quick find and category search – rapidly find records in CRM with a single search bar
  • Fast data entry with Microsoft Excel – quickly enter data for multiple records into CRM without having to open forms
  • View hierarchies – to visualize complex reporting structures, company ownership, product trees and more

This video focused on just the most important upgrades. Check out these additional blogs for more information on upgrades that have been made in CRM 2016 U1 and earlier versions since CRM 2011.

What is the biggest game-changing feature that you’ve experienced in recent CRM versions?