If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and you’re not using Insights by InsideView, then you’re missing a great way to boost the productivity and performance of your sales and marketing teams.

CRM Insights InsideView browser settings continue as user admin

But if you are using it, then you may be frustrated that it doesn’t seem to work with the Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge) without having to either click the “Continue as User” or “Continue as Admin” buttons every time you open your browser..  For this reason, a lot of individuals have switched to using Chrome or another browser.  If that’s the case for you, then here’s a quick tip on how to update your browser settings to get Insights by InsideView working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM pronto!

Power User Instructions

For those of you who are power users, you can just add the following to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer (the settings here also update the settings for Microsoft Edge):

  • about:blank
  • *,insideview.com
  • *.dynamics.com
  • login.windows.net
  • login.microsoftonline.com

Now navigate to Insights one more time and login as either User or Administrator.  After that, you should be all set!

Normal Human Instructions

  1. Open up Microsoft Internet Explorer (your configuration settings in Internet Explorer are also used for Microsoft Edge – so make the change in Internet Explorer regardless of which browser you’ll be using).
  2. Click the small gear in the upper-right, then click Internet Options from the menu.
    Browser settings to get Insights InsideView working with Microsoft Edge
  3. Click on the Security tab, then select Trusted Sites, then click the Sites button.
    Browser settings to get Insights by InsideView to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  4. On the Trusted Sites pop-up: (1) add each of the sites listed above under “Power User Instructions” using the data entry box followed by (2) clicking the add button, then (3) make sure “require server verification” is not checked and, when you’re done, (4) click close.
    Trusted sites required for InsideView Insights Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  5. Click OK to return to Internet Explorer.
  6. Once more, navigate to an Account (or Lead or Contact or Opportunity), scroll to the Insights area, and click “Continue as User”.

The next time you login to CRM, you should not need to re-login to Insights!