Successful digital transformation projects result in better employee engagement and customer experiences.  But most attempts meet with failure.

This infographic is an overview of the potential – and perils – of digital workplace transformation.

Infographic - Digital Transformation - Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

Numerous studies have found that when organizations engage employees and customers, they achieve breakthrough results in terms of sustained growth and profitability. Better engagement requires digital workplace transformation.

Businesses have invested billions in pursuit of these results. But the outcomes have mostly been disappointing – legacy approaches to solving business problems no longer work.

Success requires a new way of thinking about relationships. The LUCK Principle is a proven framework that leaders can adopt to create a people-centric organization in the digital age. It scales the 5 timeless rules for relationship success from individuals (outlined below) to the enterprise, 


Great connectors listen. They listen to what is and isn’t said: words, subtle nuances, body language, eye contact. And they remember. Facts, names, stories and ideas are all stored in their heads.


They spend time thinking about others. They analyze. They have empathy. They invest time in understanding the journey that the other person is on.


Armed with knowledge and insight, they find relevant ways to connect. Using an approach that is both consistent and flexible, connectors make building relationships look effortless.


Forming relationships isn’t instinct, it is learned habits. And the best never stop learning. They know what the results of their efforts have been, and are always fine-tuning their approach to people.


The best connectors approach life and relationships with a people-centric sense of purpose. They balance serving other people with passionately pursuing their own goals. Leaders never forget that people are the most important thing, and that they are one of those people.


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