connecting through social mediaFor the past few weeks we’ve been talking about Social Engagement and how social-media-conscious marketers can use it to Listen, Understand, and Connect with customers, clients, and prospects. If you’ve missed any of those blogs, or if you want to know what Social Engagement is all about, check out the links to learn more about what Social Engagement is and how you can leverage it in your organization or take a Test Drive to get an idea of how Social Engagement works.

In today’s blog, we are going to finish the last piece of our LUCK Principle with discussing how to Know your results using Social Engagement. This last piece of the puzzle is vital for marketers because knowing your results is crucial to understanding if your efforts are yielding benefits.

So let’s jump right in!

Improvement in Sentiment

Microsoft Social EngagementThe sentiment widget within Analytics is extremely useful in understanding if there is a more positive, negative, or neutral feeling around your brand or relevant topic.  Within Analytics, you can choose the focus of your view such as Sentiment, Location, and Sources.  By digging in and viewing the Sentiment History widget displayed in the Sentiment view, you can track the progress in positivity of posts around your brand or relevant topic.

Tracking Sentiment History allows you to know if your efforts using Social Engagement, or social media as a whole, are paying dividends in the way people view and talk about your brand or relevant topic on social media.


Greater Buzz/Improved Presence

MSE Activity Maps

Activity Maps are another great way to track your results and Know if your efforts are yielding results.  Within Activity Maps, the percentage of posts with each sentiment is given, along with the total number of posts in the past 30 minutes, hour, 12 hours, or 24 hours.  Additionally, you can view how far discussion of your brand or topic goes.  By keeping track of the sentiment percentages and the locational spread of posts, you can understand if your social reach is growing and if the sentiment around your brand, product, etc. is changing.

Get Creative!

Above we’ve given just a couple ways you can Know your results using Social Engagement. However, these are not the only ways you can see if Social Engagement, or your social media efforts as a whole, are yielding results.  Tracking if you’ve gained followers, resolved more cases, generated more leads, converted more leads, etc. are just a few other ways you can track your results from your social media efforts

Looking for More?

social media marketingSocial Engagement is a fast-growing tool, with lots of great features and potential to shape the way marketers engage with social media users.  To help you understand the workings of Social Engagement and how it can benefit your social media efforts, we developed free tips sheet looking at Social Engagement through the lens of our LUCK PrincipleClick here request your free copy of these tip sheets, and as always, feel free to Contact Us with any questions!