42956457_sSocial Engagement is posed to become one of the most important tools for marketers as the prevalence of social media in marketing increases.  Have you given Social Engagement a try yet?  If you haven’t, feel free to take a Test Drive to get an understanding of how Social Engagement works, or check out this post on the most noteworthy features of Social Engagement.

Additionally, we are taking a look at Social Engagement through the lens of The LUCK Principle – that’s Listen, Understand, Connect, and Know.  In the past few weeks we’ve discussed the tools that allow you to Listen to your customers, clients, and prospects with Social Engagement as well as how to Understand them with MSE. Today, we are going to dive in with an overview of how to Connect with customer, clients, and prospects using Microsoft Social Engagement.  In this blog I’ll give a general overview of the Connecting tools, but if you want to know more about these features you can download our free Tip Sheets on Listening, Understanding, and Connecting using Social Engagement for a deeper dive.

So let’s jump right in!

Direct Publishing

imageDirect Publishing through Social Engagement is a big way to save time and effort for today’s busy, social-media-conscious marketer.  It allows you to publish posts straight from within Social Engagement, as well as choose the account you want to post under.  Posts can be created as statuses or tweets, and accounts can be authorized for posting to multiple users.  Additionally, posts can include media such as pictures, videos, etc. similarly to how Facebook and Twitter allow users to attach media.

In short, Direct Publishing is a time saving feature that allows you to quickly connect with your clients, customers, and prospects through a variety of ways.  It can be a means to respond to multiple customer complaints through one tweet or post. It can alert followers of your location if you have a mobile store.  It can foster customer/brand interaction through increasing social media presence.  Most importantly, Direct Publishing can create connections between your brand and the people you are trying to reach on a large scale.



Assignments are essentially a way to Connect with customers, clients, and prospects on a smaller scale, on a person-to-person basis.  Assignments are accessible through posts in the Social Center, Activity Maps post tab, and Analytics post tab.  Assignments allow you, as the marketer, to connect authors of individual posts with experts in your organization that can help resolve issues that individuals may be having.

Additionally, in the Social Center, streams can be shared with other users within Social Engagement.  This sharing can serve as a way to create ‘owners’ of particular streams.  This ownership creates a connection of an individual in your organization to people who are posting on the particular topic of the stream.  This connection creates efficiency for marketers because assignments allow the people who know the most about a particular product, issue, etc. to connect with those who need the help. 

Link to CRM

imageLink to CRM is our third and final connection tool, and it takes assignments a step further.  Link to CRM allows you to create records in your Dynamics CRM instance from posts that you’ve gathered in Social Engagement. This allows you to track authors whose posts you’ve imported and keep them in your records as a Lead, Case, Contact, etc.

This feature is advantageous for marketers because it allows you to cast a wider net with the people from your organization that you want to leverage to resolve concerns, issues, and concerns from social media. To do this, you would link a post to CRM and assign it to a member of your organization that isn’t licensed to use Social Engagement.  This person can then determine the best course of resolution and take action accordingly.


Need More Tips?


Without a doubt, Social Engagement has taken large strides in its improvement and will continue to do so.  This tool is becoming more and more vital for marketers who want to improve their social media presence, so we have additional free Tip Sheets to help you Listen, Understand, and Connect using Social Engagement.  Click here to request your free copy, and as always, please Contact Us if you have any questions!