44537948_sHave you given Microsoft Social Engagement a chance yet? This quickly-improving tool has some efficient, easy-to-use tools that could save you time and energy in monitoring your social media presence. We've created a Tip Sheet to help you navigate through this solution - read on for more info, or head on over to its download page and request your own copy now!  

If you are new to Social Engagement, you can take a look at some of our previous posts such as Why Microsoft Social Engagement Could be a Game Changer, What’s Missing in Social Engagement, and you can also take a test drive of Social Engagement and explore the tool in a 30 minute trial.

At C5 Insight, we believe in the LUCK Principle. That’s Listen, Understand, Connect, and Know, and we believe this principle can build lasting and productive relationships that lead to successful endeavors.  And the LUCK Principle can be applied to many different tools and processes. In this post, we’ll take a look at how the Listening portion of LUCK can be applied to Microsoft Social Engagement.

Listening Tools of Microsoft Social Engagement

Message Center

Microsoft Social Engagement

In a nutshell, the message center allows you to control what you want to hear straight from your inbox.  In Social Engagement, you can configure topics that matter to you or your organization based on your brand, industry, competitors, etc., and you can monitor these topics by having an email sent to you when a post of your relevant topic is gathered. And before you panic about your inbox getting clogged, MSE will only send you post alerts once every 6 hours, so you don’t need to worry about an overflow of information being delivered to your inbox.  Additionally, you can assign these alerts to other members or teams within your organization to keep everyone on top of important topics as they are retrieved by Social Engagement.

Social Center

Microsoft Social Center

The Social Center is a hub for listening to all of your relevant social media topics in one place.  The Social Center pulls in posts at an almost-real-time pace, which allows you to keep tabs on clients, customer, prospects, and competitors in a different way than the Message Center.  Streams in the Social Center are configured similarly to the Message Center, and once you create streams, posts will start trickling in based on the criteria you set.  Streams can also be assigned, like the Message Center, which gives marketers the ability to assign streams to individuals who can best monitor streams to directly listen to what social media users are saying about your relevant topic.

Search Tool

Social media strategy

The Search Tool is arguably the most important tool within Social Engagement.  This tool dictates what will show up in the Analytics page of Social Engagement, which is crucial in Understanding what people are saying on social media about your brand (more on that to come, stay tuned).  So essentially, the Search Tool is the first step to gaining insights on how people view your brand or topic on social media.  Through the Search Tool, you can dictate what keywords, accounts, Facebook pages, custom RSS source, Twitter accounts, etc. that you want Social Engagement to listen for and then gather posts accordingly.

Want More?

Are you interested in learning how to leverage Social Engagement as a tool in your marketing strategy? We have created a tip sheet on how to use Microsoft Social Engagement to Listen to customers, clients, and prospects to help you improve your social media strategy.  CLICK HERE to request a free download of this resource that goes into greater detail about the great listening tools Social Engagement has to offer.

Or, click here and check out a a quick video offering a live demo of Microsoft Social Engagement!